Our Team

Will “The Thrill” Hill

Market Development Manager

Years in Industry: 2
Territories: Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Virginia
Favorite Giles Model: King Air — For the square footage and price, it’s the best home you can get.
Favorite Part of My Job: The relationships and helping retailers gain business.
Fun Fact About Me: I’m a huge University of Alabama fan. Roll tide!


Amy “Amster” Clonce

Sales Coordinator / Shipping

Years in Industry: 11
Favorite Giles Model: Razr — This single wide was the first house that I helped a retailer sell to a customer.
Favorite Part of My Job: Learning something new every day.
Fun Fact About Me: I live in a Giles home.


Tyler “Boomer” Skellinger

Sales Coordinator

Years in Industry: Just under 1
Favorite Giles Model: Navigator — I love the kitchen and the great price for such an awesome home.
Favorite Part of My Job: Working and having fun with people that I like.
Fun Fact About Me: 17 different animals live at my house from ducks to dogs and everything in between.


David Capps

Customer Care Manager

Years in Industry: 21
Favorite Giles Model: The Summitt – WOW factor when you walk in and the Theater room
Favorite Part of My Job: Being a part of a team and helping/watching people grow.
Fun Fact About Me: I used to be a Semi Pro Paintball player, playing for a team called the Knoxville Conflict.


Mike Comparato

General Manager

Years in Industry: 11
Favorite Giles Model: Lodge — The rustic look is so unique and every market has shown huge results with this home.
Favorite Part of My Job: Watching our sales team and facility help our retailers become more successful.
Fun Fact About Me: I played college basketball at Lincoln Memorial.


Todd Stone

Production Manager

Years in Industry: 24
Favorite Giles Model: Lodge — It’s got a different look and it sells.
Favorite Part of My Job: Working with my team.
Fun Fact About Me: I have a twin brother named Ted—and I love to play jokes on people.

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