Halls enjoys a rich history of plant workers and managers alike dedicated to the plant’s success and the ever-increasing quality of the products produced. For example, Ty Kelly, one of the early Sales Managers for Halls, was hired in 1974 and stayed with Clayton Homes through 1999, and Rick Loy, the longest tenured employee in ALL of Clayton Homes, started with the Halls plant on March 13, 1972. At that time, there were only 25 employees at the Halls plant. Rick described working at the plant when he first started as: “We built one house per week and had no power tools.”

The Halls operation has certainly grown since its humble beginnings! As business has increased, multiple renovations have allowed the plant to accommodate improved technology, a more skilled work force, and increased output. The plant is now able to build ? houses per week and boasts 125 employees.